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August 28, 2006

Turkey loves me

Going through customs in Istanbul, the striking Turkish boy looks up and says, "Andrrayya..?"
"Yes" I reply.
This is my new name.

Ive been twice though customs, and welcomed by name twice, they yelled at me down the corridor telling me they understood the question I had asked 2 minutes prior. "Anddrrayya Andrrayya I understand you now!!!!"

I love Turkey.
Now I am getting phonecalls from Turkey every night at the weirdest times. At first I heard "Turkey Turkey Turkey, Aktamaar. Turkey Turkey. Then they hung up.
This has progressed to "Turkey Turkey, problem, no english. Love (kiss kiss)

The number belings to a friend's camping ground, I can't get hold Abe......and I don't know who it is that's calling. Brenda and I spent two days there without our friend, Brenda sick, lying on her thermarest all day, and I had the worst PMT I've had in years! So we were upstairs in our own little quarters, only coming down to eat. I can't imagine anyone thinking I was particularly wonderful at that time!!

So its 4.30am, Ive texted Abe telling him to call me. It seems like everytime I wake up from a slighty delerious (I'm unwell) dream about Turkey my phone rings, Ive now allocated a personal ring for that number so I don't have to answer hoping its Abe.
My last dream was about going though took hours before getting through because all these Americans and Central Asians were ahead of the time it was my turn hours had lapsed.....
I got through straightaway with big smiles, and everyone around me couldnt believe it!
Needless to say my phone rang......
I want Abe to call....

I'll keep you posted.......

August 25, 2006

to write

I've been told lately I need to start writing.

I was thinking the other day, I'm not much of a storyteller. I'm not like those people who can hold your attention for a long time, they laugh at their own jokes, and use their voice as a tool to draw you in. Their vocabulary has just enough familiar and surprising words, its not even necessarily about the content.
I just can't seem to hold a story. People get that glazed look after five minutes!

In Junior 2, I would get a nervous stomach many times at storywriting time, and a few times I even went to the sick nurse. I was a sound writer with an innate understanding for spelling and punctuation, but to write on demand? Cruelty. It really is terrible what we do to our children isn't it? Demanding their creativity at scheduled times. I guess I wasn't much of a writer at 9.30 am.

Now I am full of stories to tell, and a little afraid to tell them in case you get the glazed look. But I'm hoping if I begin, something good will appear on the page, and my ideas will become my story.
(Poetry and ramblings can stay in my notebook....... )

fingers crossed.

March 21, 2006

Andi --


Visually addictive

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at

February 13, 2006


I just had a youthgroup style night tonight. Its 1.45 am.....(see what I mean?)

I had a bit of a moan to myself when I went to the beach alone this morning, thinking I never would have had to do that when I was younger. We had structure back then...On a Sunday in the summer it was church-lunch-beach-church-Wendys.
We did things in packs. We did crazy things. We played games.

I went home early after church, just to eat I was SO HUNGRY and was ready for a quiet one. When to my delight, my lovely flatmates all came home and we were actually home at the same time!! Thats maybe happened only twice in 6 months.
So after a lovely flat type dinner of nachos, our two guests and flatties decided to go on a MISSION!!! So we called another 5 person flat and went out to the tunnels at North Head.

Hannah and I lead the way to find the one amazing tunnel that goes right underneath the mountain and out to the sea.
North Head was a Naval Defense area in the World Wars, and is a stunning volcano mountain. The tunnels made for cannons and artillery are still there, and some of them are open to walk though.
It's so fun at night. We roamed around, exploring and scaring each other.
But we couldn't find the One tunnel that rules them all. It didnt want to be found, I think. Just when we were about to leave, Hannah shouted at me she'd found it. Well, not quite true, but it did start the tunnel hunt again....which lead to the best tired-people adventures.

Yessssss. A dangerous mission.
Very Famous Five. I like sliding down muddy banks, and walking along strange paths in the moonlight.
Do any of you guys remember the island in the Famous Five books??? And the cave they had? We found one just like it.
****yawn***** rambling.
Nighty nght campers!

February 10, 2006


The theory is, by the time you have left your room and reached the breakfast buffet, you will have been greated with "BULA!!" 5 times. It's true....especially in the resorts you might even get an average of 10 metres/Bula.
I'm not sure what the locals think about all this, really. They seem to think the tourists like it, even naming a shuttle service between resorts the "Bula-bus." This would be the equivalent of "hello-bus". Maybe the name works....when the bus finally arrives, I get a small moment of excitement, "Hel-LO BUS!"

With the insight of being a fake tourist in these islands, I've discovered a ridiculous side to the seemingly harmless Bula. Firstly, there's the tester Bula. Someone greets you, then listens carefully. If you say, Buller, or Boola, you're OK. Boola is probably the best response, it shows you know how to shorten your vowels.
I've seen Fijians smirk at the quality of the response. Right now it's off season there, and one guy was so bored of saying Bula all day to tourists, he took the mickey out of himself, saying "Bula Bula Boola buller bula bula bula!"
Another guy nearly got past me quietly, until I caught his eye, and he caught himself just in time to say Bula. Its got to be a prerequisite to the job. It drives me insane....I walk past staff with averted eyes, making myself invisible to the best of my ability to NOT say Bula.
One time I did just that walking past a constuction site. Pretended I was deaf. What I got for that was screeching cat noises. Nice.

"BULA to you too," I thought.

December 16, 2005

I put the word out

I've started asking crew if they have any funny stories. This one is probably the winner so far!

One of my crew manager friends has been flying a number of years, he began working shorthaul as a tanned young surfer, and is still a tanned young looking surfer about to be a grandfather. He told me this story just recently.

One of the aircraft we used to fly was a 747-200 series, that was just before my time. It had an upper deck, the same as our 400s. One of its notable differences are the toliets, on the 200 the lower deck 'flush' system is the normal type, however, the upper deck had this flap system. It would swirl water around and the waste would drop down a trapdoor.

During boarding one day, Tom saw a blackbird flying around the cabin! It was trying to fly out, and getting more and more worked up, ending up in totally the worst place it could, in the flightdeck. The pilots were doing their checks, and called him to get the dang thing out of there. So Tom fetched a blanket and managed to throw it over the blackbird, (by this stage people were boarding the aircraft), and poor kindhearted surfer Tom had no choice but to wring the bird's neck and get rid of it down the loo.

Halfway during the flight, a huge scream came from an upstairs toilet, and a female flight attendant came rushing out.....
She had been sitting on the toilet, and all of a sudden, a raucous blackbird came up from beneath, flying up through her legs! Tom hadn't quite killed the bird, and all that time it had been hanging out down in the waste tank, until someone did a big enough 'dump' for the trapdoor to open up wide for the blackbird to fly out.
It must have been embarrassing to nearly die of fright sitting on the loo, but almost as such realising all the crew knew you just did a REALLY big poo.

Chalk one up for Tom, this one made it to the papers!

November 25, 2005


I checked out 'Flightplan' yesterday. Ive been a Jodie Foster fan since 'Nell'.
She has that resolved steely glare, behind which are the eyes of a child. (She must practice that one in the mirror every day, (I'm sure she uses it in every movie she stars).

I was reminded of the movie right now because outside, the wind is blowing through the, not the movie 'Nell'! I'm referring to 'Flightplan' the start of the movie, it's winter, and its snowing. The ghostlike howling effect is timed with various scary moments. I noted that, thinking, how cheesy, how often does the wind whistle like that? Snow has nothing to do with whistling wind. The random thing about whistling wind, is that it's not necessarily about the velocity. Today was a gorgeous sunny day....and this evening has clouded over a's not a gale outside....BUT! the wind is whistling. And it sounds just like the movie. Typical eh. I got on my high horse, and the next day I'm being pulled off it.

The movie was good, although it had the same type of formula as others in its genre. It didn't challenge the audience enough, perhaps because it was written as a screenplay? For suspense and action, you can't beat a Grisham.
Jodie was the real drawcard. I imagine if Jennifer Anniston had the lead, the movie would have been a failure! How much thought REALLY goes into a movie sometimes? (The perfectionists are hiding out in NZ, France, Germany.)
For a movie set on an aeroplane, ask any Flight Attendant, and they'll pick out some mistakes for you! (Lets remember, they set the movie aboard a invented new aircraft to make it work.)

Jodie had high heeled shoes on, that clopped up and down the aisles. Great effect, but Ive never seen wooden floors on an aircraft. It just plain annoyed me. In contrast to loud flooring, this new aircraft was miraculously quiet. No sound of Aircon, vents or boarding music. Vents make a heck of a lot of noise, the times I've experienced where the Auxiliary Power Unit hasn't been working during boarding, the aircraft was so quiet it felt eerily wrong. When people were talking to each other over rows in the beginning of the film, did you realise that's not so normal?
No regard for safety on this aircraft either. There was no safety briefing, bottles of alchohol weren't stowed correctly for takeoff, and the Captain would never ever come out of the flightdeck for a problem the flight attendants could handle. And, of course there had to be a reference to the mischief flight attendants get up to on every flight. Hollywood, Hollywood. Here is your downfall! Stop with the stereotypes and do your research!

Let me know what you spotted. (obviosuly the avionics was a bunch of bull****)
I should mention, there were some amazing shots to look out for....